How Much Will My Hardwood Floor
Refinishing Cost?

This remains one of the foremost questions and understandably so! Undoubtedly you’re wondering about price right now in relation to your own project.

You may very well share the sentiments of this frustrated homeowner: “I don’t mind paying, I just want it done right the first time. I simply cannot afford less than top quality work. I just don’t have the time.”

So, how much will it cost? As you can imagine, unfortunately there isn't a simple answer. In fact we really cannot even give you a firm answer. But we can help you to budget for the restoration of your hardwood floors.


“How can you help me budget for my hardwood floor project?”

How? You may ask. By personally visiting your home and carefully evaluating your hardwood floor. This free ‘in home’ assessment is critical to offering you exactly what will need to budget and plan for.

Please understand that every floor refinishing project has vastly different requirements. Each floor must be assessed on its own merit. A “one price or one size fits all” rule certainly does not apply when it comes to restoring your hardwood floors.

If we cannot see your floor and you request a price over the phone, and for us to give you one, this we feel would be unfair to you the client and ourselves. Many will offer a price over the phone only to inflate it to cover all possible scenarios. This can be misleading and frustrating. This is what we call a “blind date”.

Do you see now why we hesitate to offer a price over the phone? It is out of concern for your best interests. Please read on.

The “Free in Home Estimate” is truly one of the best values anyone can find anywhere these days. To have a professional come into your home, educate you, carefully answer all you questions and explain your options and all for nothing, is rarely seen these days. We gladly offer you this.

Before you call us...

Before we talk numbers though, we want to be very up front with you and say that we're not going to be the lowest bidder for your project. However, we're confident that we will save you the most money. If you're wondering how that's possible, check out our unique ceramic finish.

We know you care about your floors as much as we do, that's why you're here. After all, there’s no shortage of sub-standard work work available.

So what determines pricing?

  • Present condition of the floor and how difficult it will be to remove the old finish.
  • How even is the floor? Does it need extensive levelling? Can it sustain a levelling?
  • Has the floor been waxed regularly?
  • What about access to the area?
  • Is the layout or the floor plan wide open or convoluted with numerous hallways and closets?
  • Is there proper staging and power available?
  • Are repairs needed?

These are a few of the points we must consider. These will influence the final price. When recommending a finish, some of the questions we will have are:

  • What is your lifestyle?
  • Do you have large dogs?
  • Are there active children in the home?
  • Do you have the habit of taking your shoes off in the home or do you keep them on?
  • Would you be sensitive to odours or chemicals in some types of finishes?
  • Do you wish to keep the floor in its natural state or stain it?
  • How do you want your floor to perform in 10 to 20 years?
  • Do you wish our 99% dustless option or the 107% dustless option?

Only you can answer these questions.

Good sense tells us that ‘we get what we pay for’. This is particularly true with hardwood floors.

The quality of workmanship and product applied to preserve and protect your hardwood floors should be the main deciding factor. Attempting to save on price will directly affect the value and quality of workmanship. A job done correctly will result in a longer lasting, better end result.

Gathering quotes should be to determine the best value (which we heartily recommend), not just the best price.

We at Silver Leaf Refinishing do offer competitive rates in relation to comparable floor refinishing professionals. If the other quotes you have gathered are nowhere near ours, there is often a reason why. We are not the only ones in town that can deliver a quality product to your expectations and we are very detailed when providing our estimates. There will be no surprises.

We strongly feel that in regard to many other ‘refinishers’ a ‘low ball’ quote is their way of telling you the client what they feel they and their services are worth. It is also their way of telling you what they think your floor deserves. We believe it deserves more.

Therefore in the interest of openness and transparency, we would like to give you an idea of how we estimate and evaluate the unique needs of your hardwood floor. First off, we look at your hardwood floors in a very unique way.

Investment and Preservation

Professional restoration of your hardwood floors is an investment, not just a simple expenditure. Why? Because it preserves an already invaluable asset!

Hardwood floors are an integral part of your home, complementing virtually all aspects of your living space. There is no other element in the room in which you are physically more in contact with. Investing in quality workmanship just makes sense.

Your hardwood floors would cost a lot of money to replace. More than you think. An average home may have floors valued at $20,000 – $30,000. When adding in materials and labour —replacement is simply not an option. Typical hardwood floors, 30 to 70 years old are to be handled with care!

Be Careful

How thick is your hardwood floor? Can it sustain another sanding? This is an important question that only an experienced professional can answer. We must see the floor to evaluate it. For a measure of insight into the answer to this question see: How thick are my hardwood floors?

Is it becoming clearer now why we hesitate to offer a price over the phone? We need a fair measure of input from you before we can begin to offer pricing.

In addition we have prepared a number of articles that will not only help you to choose a hardwood floor professional but will guide you through gathering of quotes and how to compare quotes. See: Identifying and choosing competence.

Extra Advice

Gather more than one quote. Seek out competence. Appreciate that value comes with a price. It is still good value and well worth it?

We are sure you’ve had previous experiences with a variety of tradesmen over the years. How did those projects turn out? Did you ever take a chance with the “low-baller” and regret it after the fact? Hey, don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Get it done right the first time! Think about the time and energy required to organize your life and schedule around the sanding of one’s floor.

How many times would you want to do this? Many put off the sorely needed job of having the hardwood floors refinished precisely for the above mentioned reasons.

Does it not make sense to wisely choose a professional floor finisher who not only fully appreciates all of the above but will seek to preserve and lengthen the life of your floors?

Don’t you agree it’s better to spend a little more now and have peace of mind knowing they’ll be done properly the first and only time? Does it make sense to spend a lot more later possibly to have them re-done, or worse… having to live with sub-quality work? Why be stuck with poor workmanship that continually reminds you that you sought to “cut corners”?

Our goal is to refinish only once any given setting. When you have your floors refinished by us we would have no need to see you again for at least another twenty years if at all. And this would be for touch-ups or a simple recoat in the high traffic areas. Do you not agree that the one-time initial inconvenience and cost warrants many, many years of worry free living? So do we! Please refer to the article: “Why Choose Us?

Of course, all of our work is backed up by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If your dream is to have your floors beautifully transformed in the fastest, absolutely most hassle free way possible and at a level of quality that will leave you smiling with satisfaction every time you glance down at your floors then contact us today and we will see if we are a good match to work together. Contact Us.


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